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Software for

 Yahoo Mail and Hotmail

What our customers are saying...

"Great tool! It has all the features I've always wanted Hotmail to have." - J.S.

"I was able to reduce my account space usage by 75% by moving all the old messages I want to keep to my computer, and I feel much better having them there. Thanks for a great product!" - C.M.

"What a cool idea! The features for getting rid of spam alone make this a no-brainer for anyone who uses Yahoo!" - M.F.

"Worked perfectly from day one. Thanks!" - Y.C.


Our software makes Yahoo! Mail and MSN Hotmail faster,
more powerful and easier to use!

WebMail Assistant works directly with Hotmail and Yahoo Mail to add dozens of features and improvements!

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Fast Local Address Book

Our address book is dramatically faster than the online address books provided by Yahoo and Hotmail and lets you share addresses among multiple accounts. You can easily maintain all your contact information in a single place and use it with any number of different Yahoo or Hotmail accounts.

Spam Control/Inbox Management

If you get lots of email, moving or deleting it can be tiresome because each message must be checked individually. WebMail Assistant provides a variety of tools to instantly check multiple messages in your inbox (or other folders). You can check all likely SPAM messages (based on keywords you can edit), check all unread messages, or check specific groups of messages using the keyboard. This lets you easily delete unwanted messages or move groups of messages to different folders.

Save Messages Locally/Reduce the Space you Use in your Email Account

WebMail Assistant lets you easily save any message into a folder on your local drive. This gives you direct control over your personal or business data (rather than leaving important information on your email-provider's server). It also lets you save messages to your computer and then delete them from your email account (freeing up valuable space).

Saving a message with WebMail Assistant is virtually instantaneous--much faster than moving a message to a different folder in your web-based mail account. Once the message has been saved, you can still reply to it or forward it using the same or a different account.

You can even save a message from Hotmail and then reply using a Yahoo account (or vise versa). This makes it easy to transition to a new account if you want to.

WebMail Assistant can also automatically save a copy of messages you send, so you have a complete and permanent record of your correspondence without using a prohibitive amount of space in your online account.

Email Templates/Stationary

If you often send the same or similar emails, you can easily create templates and then use them again and again.

Faster Operation

WebMail Assistant speeds up routine operations in your account. For example, it offers faster access to the Compose form and can take you directly to your inbox when you log into your account (bypassing the "home" screen which is used primarily to display ads.)

Mail Merge

WebMail assistant lets you send personalized messages to multiple people in your address book or any list of contacts. You can merge fields such as the person's name into the text, so each email appears to have been written and sent individually.

Mailto: Link Support

You can make WebMail Assistant your default email program so that you can click "mailto" links in your browser and send email via your Yahoo Mail or Hotmail accounts.

System Requirements

WebMail Assistant requires Microsoft Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP/Me or later. Internet Explorer 4.0 or later must be installed on your computer (but does not have to be the default browser).

WebMail Assistant is Temporarily Unavailable. Please check back later.






Is your Yahoo or Hotmail account overloaded with Spam? Or maybe with old messages you don't want to delete?

With WebMail Assistant you can eliminate Spam in your inbox with a few clicks of the mouse (instead of tediously checking each message).

If you've got messages you want to keep, you can easily save them into folders on your computer, but still reply to/forward them using the same account or a different account.

Since your saved messages and your address book work interchangeably with multiple email accounts, it's easy to transition to a new account if your old one is full or overwhelmed with Spam!

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"I didn't log onto my email account for more than a month while I was traveling. When I returned, my email provider had terminated my account and all my saved messages were gone."

That's a true story. With WebMail Assistant, your saved messages and address book are on your hard drive--where you control them.

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